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Critical Tips Why You Should Service Your Mitsubishi With Genuine New Or Used Parts This Winter.

Winter driving normally comes with a lot of concerns, major being safety concerns. Of all the seasonal car maintenance in winter is the most crucial and hardest conditions to drive in, even in your trusted Mistubishi. It is thus always advisable to do proper winter maintenance for your Mitsubishi using genuine new or used parts. It overrides the purpose, if one opts for fake or surrogate spare parts because doing so could jeopardize your safety as well as the condition of your car. The following are some of the common car maintenance you must consider before winter sets in;
Antifreeze. This is important because car engines overheat in winter because the engine coolants freeze so it is imperative to use correct concentration of coolant liquid recommended by Mitsubishi.
Brakes. Winter is synonymous with sliding and skidding vehicles. Replace worn out brake parts to reduce risks associated with this and always keep your eye on the ABS indicator if yours has one.
Tires. Always choose winter tires as this is also crucial in proper ice and snow traction and effects on car handling. Avoid aquaplaning by having tires with deep treads of not less than 4/32" (1/8") and the type recommended by your Mitsubishi dealer that's appropriate for your model. Be keen too on tire pressure as this also affects performance and handling.
Windshield wipers and Screenwash. Genuine wipers mean that they will work optimally in the laborious winter as they clear your shield and prevent a build-up of all the light snow and grit thrown upon the windshield. Ensure the screenwash fluid is at the right levels as they will aid in visibility.
Headlights. They are also important for visibility as they may be left on throughout your drive, whether day or night. Therefore they should be in perfect shape and performance during winter.
Battery. Since your headlights, wipers and other key electrical components are always running, your battery too should be looked at and replaced if necessary. The terminals and posts should be clean and any rust cleared, and battery in full charge and water added.
Spark plug. Aside from battery issues, another starter and cranking problem notoriously common during winter is the spark plug problems. Cracked up and old spark plugs are not meant for winter and should be replaced immediately. Do as you are told or stall in the cold.
Other important areas include engine oils, radiator, filters, etc. General automobile servicing is important at all times and seasons. The importance of using genuine car parts cannot be stressed well enough because fake and or surrogate spare parts will negatively affect your car and its overall performance and more importantly, your safety could be significantly endangered. The main reason people go for such parts instead of genuine ones is usually trying to cut corners with the costs, but ironically, they end up costing more than genuine parts through more repairs and replacements, and poor car performance. Get your genuine new or used Mitsubishi parts and get through the winter without much complications.

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